Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pay it Off and It Will Break Law

There has to be a law that when you pay off a vehicle, it will break. Last Wednesday night, we headed home for Thanksgiving. Before we even made it out of town, the truck overheated and started steaming. Of course, we went back home and moved everything over to the car and left the truck at home.

We got back late on Sunday, so I waited until Monday to go buy a new thermostat for the truck. Now, mind you, I've never been great at working on vehicles, but Dad said it was pretty easy to replace a thermostat. It really wan't very bad. It took me a while just because I'd never done it before. Well, I got the new thermostat in and filled it with coolant. I started the truck and it almost immediately overheated. I turned it off, let it cool, opened all the caps to be sure air was out of the system.

Then, I started it back up once it was cool. Guess what. Now, the temperature won't come up much at all. We drove on the Interstate last night and it never came up to temperature until we got off the Interstate and stopped at a stop sign. Then, and only then, the temperature gauge came up to just over the "C" line. I'm guessing at this point that the new thermostat has either failed or was faulty to begin with. I'm going to check to be sure they gave me the proper part and then call them tonight. Hopefully I'll get this all fixed soon!

Has anyone else experienced this? You pay off something and then it breaks.
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