Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Brings Me Joy?

Audrey over at Barking Mad is running a contest and asked us to write a post sharing what brings joy to our lives.

My family is one of the biggest things that brings joy to my life. It's such a joy to see the look on my son's face when we get to do something together like going out to breakfast on a Saturday morning. As much as I complain, I sure do take joy in father/son moments like these. It brings me joy to come home each evening to my beautiful wife. I love her so much! I'll even admit that I love spending time with my parents and the in-laws! Family is so awesome!

The second biggest thing that brings joy to my life is serving God however He can use me. I'm not highly skilled in anything, but love computers. I am able to serve a couple times a month working in the tech booth on Sunday mornings. I've gone through a spiritual Gifts class and my biggest gift is Helps. This gift means that I love helping in any way I can be used, especially behind the scenes. My second highest gift, I think, was Giving. It brings me a lot of joy when we're able to give thanksgiving dinner bags each year to be handed out to those that can't afford a Thanksgiving dinner. This is all possible because God has provided for our every need and more.

Go check out this contest at Barking Mad!

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Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, thanks! You really are a great Dad! (That's why I want to have more babies with you. :D Thought you might need to know that after the discussion tonight.) We're very thankful for you!