Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday Mayhem: The Annoying Meme

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

What annoys you about people that you spend time with outside your home (coworkers etc)?

Back stabbing and gossip amongst co-workers. I hate all of this, but I'll admit at the same time that I occasionally get caught up in all the gossip. I try to remind myself that the Bible speaks strongly agains gossiping, but it's definitely a struggle.

What annoys you about people in your home?

My son talking back to me and not listening to us is probably the biggest annoyance among people in my home.

What annoys you about talking on the phone?

I'm not sure what annoys me about talking on the phone, but I just plain hate talking on the phone. Right now, it's the sore neck from being on the phone way way way to much with tech support.

What annoys you about the over-used terms that people use?

Dealing with tech support at our software company, I've been hearing "That's the way it's always been/we've always done it" and "We're working on it" way to much lately. In my mind, these are statements that either try to convince us that they are trying to resolve our problems when they really aren't or don't know how to fix it.

What annoys you about restaurant foods?

The prices. I love almost all restaurant food and often wish I could make food to match the quality and taste of restaurants. On the other hand, the prices of food at restaurants are way to expensive most of the time!

What annoys you about restaurant servers?

I am totally annoyed by servers who come to my table and ask me "How'd everything come out?". I'm also annoyed by servers that don't pay close attention to my beverage and keep it full!

What annoys you about reading other blogs?

I'm annoyed by blog posts that are majorly negative all the time. It also annoys me when I go to a blog to read a post and music starts playing. I'm not interested in the music. I'm interested in the post.

What annoys you about memes?

I'm not annoyed by memes. I love taking part in them.

What annoys you about commenting on blogs?

I'm annoyed by blogs that you click on post comment, and it leave the blog post completely to go to the comment form. Often times, I'm commenting on a specific part of the post and want to see it as I comment. I'd much rather have the "new window" pop up with the comment form.

What annoys you about people who chew gum?

It annoys me when people chew gum with their mouth open. Also, when they spit the gum out on sidewalks.

What annoys you about driving on the highway?

Semis passing semis without picking up speed much over what the first truck was going.

What annoys you about shopping at Walmart?

Often, there aren't enough cash registers open. This is the most annoying thing to me!

What annoys you about kids?

Everything? LOL. I'm not much of a kid person. As I said above, the most annoying thing is talking back and not listening.

What annoys you about your gender?

For me, the most annoying thing is when I hear that other men don't treat women with respect. I try really hard to respect women. It drives me nuts when I hear about a man/husband who hits his wife. I think it reflects badly on all men when a man does things like that.

What annoys you about the opposite sex?

The most annoying thing is that it's so hard to keep up with their conversations. I think women have an ability to carry on a conversation while thinking about the next thing they want to talk about. My mind can usually only be one place at a time.

What annoys you about shoes?

I'm annoyed that shoes don't last longer than they do. I think my shoes should last much longer than they do...and I feel that I buy pretty decent brands of shoes.

What annoys you about shopping for clothes?

I'm annoyed that no two brands are sized exactly the same.

What annoys you about music?

Foul language.

What annoys you about drinking alcohol?

It annoys me that so many people abuse alcohol. I have no problem with people that drink alcohol. I drink once in a while too. I am annoyed by those that get smashed on alcohol...especially those that go out driving or doing activities that could harm others.

What annoys you about pizza?

Pizza places that don't put enough sauce and cheese on their pizzas annoy me. I'm also annoyed at the cost of extra toppings on pizzas.
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shopannies said...

many of the same annoyances I hate gossip at work, my teens talking back, and I can take it or leave talking on phone have no idea how people can stay on phone all day long

I am Harriet said...

Hi Matt.
I think I've had the same support conversation on several occasions. It's bad enough that I have to ask them to repeat everything they say.

Thanks for playing!

Melissa Mashburn said...

you like lots of sauce on your pizza and I like very little sauce on mine. I guess we should never share a picture.