Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday Thunks - Walking in Memphis

1. Robins have red breasts. Why are their eggs blue?

Around here, the eggs are blue because the Robins lay them so early in spring that things are so chilly.

2. The doorbell buzzes at the same moment the phone rings. Who was on the phone?

I don't know. I'd rather talk to the person at the door. I hate talking on the phone and almost always screen the calls!

3. It seems that there are several very popular memes each day of the week. Which meme did you first become a regular of?

I think this may be the first one I'm even close to being a regular on. I do different ones once in a while, but this is probably my fav.

4. It is about time that Berleen and Kimber meet in person. Should we start a collection to fly one of them to the other, or just hope Thom's bus and get from Hawaii to Kimber in Arizona and take her to Berleen in Minnesota?

I think we should just have a big get together among all thunkers in the Bahamas. LOL.

5. Tell us about your pets. Do you have one that you wish would run away?

We have one dog, a cocker spaniel, named Chip. We love him a lot! I don't think we'll probably get any more pets after he's gone though. We like our independence and spontaneity. Having a pet makes that a little more difficult.

6. What was the last thing colored red that you wore?

Boxer briefs under my workout shorts this morning.

7. I have a train that runs by where I live several times a day. I actually find it peaceful. What's the longest journey that you have taken by train?

I think the only time I've ridden a train was a scenic railway train in southern Ohio. Maybe 3 miles?

8. If Kimber threw a five dollar bill off a building that was five stories high, and Berleen threw a twenty off a build that was six stories high, who do you think would find the money?

Some one legged bum with a beard sitting on the sidewalk.

9. If reincarnation really happens, whose life would you like to know that you have already led?

I don't believe in reincarnation and don't think I'd want to even consider living the life of anyone but myself.

10. What are your three favorite possessions?

Bible, iPod, Grill

11. A lot of people still believe that Elvis is alive. Have you ever worn blue suede shoes?

Nah, the way I wear out shoes, they probably wouldn't last more than a day on my feet.

12. Do you have siblings? If yes, are you anything alike?

I have a brother and a sister. I think the only think alike between us is that my brother and I are both working in the computer field. Other than that...we're all three on

13. Has anyone ever asked you to strip naked and cluck like a chicken?

No. I love the Chicken Dance though.
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Hootin' Anni said...

I LOVE #4!!! Yes, yes. I'm packing right now. And the bum on the street? You and I think alike today.

I've done gone and dunnit...I've Thunked!! My ANSWERS

I am Harriet said...

I hate talking on the phone too. Thank goodness for email and texting.

Have a great day!

Ace said...

That definitely could have been the case with the robins around here this winter. They came back while we were still dealing with multiple feet of snow.