Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. Why do they ask you to get on the plane? Shouldn't you get in it? When was your last flight?

Hmmm...good point. It would be a really rough flight if I was on the plane rather than in it. My last flight was from Ohio to New York to Casa Blanca to Mali and back. It was for a missions trip. I am hoping to go back soon, but that's in God's hands right now. I'm open to whatever he may have planned.

2. Why do they call two planes getting too close a near miss? Shouldn't it be a near hit? Have you ever been on a plane that was in trouble?

Another good point. Man, I just don't think about these things much. When I flew to Seattle several years ago, it was my first time flying. We got in the air and the pilot came on the speaker stating there was a problem with the landing gear doors. They circled waiting on engineers to determine what to do and ended up going back and switching planes. When we got back to the airport, the entire fire crew followed us down the runway.

3. If a mute swears, does his mother wash his hands with soap? What have you done when your child sweared?

Hey, maybe mute have cleaner hands than the rest of us...ha. I don't think my 4 year old has sworn, but we've had to tell him many times not to say things that sound bad. He usually listens and doesn't say it again.

4. How about a restaurant for anorexics? What would you call it? The Empty Plate? When was the last time you went out to a fancy restaurant?

LOL. My wife and I went to P.F. Chang's last week when we got away for a night. It was so good. They were running a special where we could both eat for $40. We got appetizer, soup, meal, and dessert. I love that place!

5. Where do forest rangers go to 'get away from it all'? What do you do to get away from it all?

Forest Rangers probably go to the big city to get away from it all...since they probably do the opposite of what I do. I personally enjoy going somewhere there's cabins and hiking trails or a beach.

6. Why do people who know the least know it the loudest? What do you do to get a know-it-all to shut up?

I think when someone knows the least about something, they often pipe up to make it sound like they know more than they do. I either walk away or change the subject.

7. If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong? Men: does your woman (or most recent) think that you are always wrong? Women: Do you believe that men are always wrong?

I think that if there is no woman to hear him, then he is surely right. It doesn't happen often after all! My wife is pretty good at calling me out when I'm obviously wrong, but she accepts what I say most of the time when I actually am right.

8. If a turtle loses his shell, is it naked or homeless? Tell us about a time when you were caught naked.

Boy, being naked and homeless would really suck for the turtle!! I'm not sure I've ever been caught naked. Even if I go to bed naked, my wife usually doesn't

9. Would a fly that loses it wings be called a walk? How badly do flies annoy you?

I think it'd be called a wingless fly. I really hate flies buzzing past my head. I also hate that you never know where the flies have been.

10. Why do they report power outages on TV? When was the last time that you went without power?

I think they report them on TV for those of us that go to a fast food restaurant to get food when the power's out. It gives us the opportunity to find out what the problem is with the power if we go out. Our power has flickered several times in the past month. I honestly don't remember the last time it went out for more than a minute or two.

11. If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? Have you ever been or considered to be a vegetarian?

Humanitarians eat whatever they want to eat. I've considered it before, but I just don't think I could completely give up my red meat!

12. If the cops arrest a mime, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent? Tell us about a time when either you were arrested or came close.

I think they would tell him he has the right to remain silent because of the laws. I've never even came close. The closest I've ever gotten to meeting a police officer outside of work was when I had the two car accidents I've had.

13. Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? Have you ever owned a cat?

Very good question. Maybe I'll patent this idea before someone else does. LOL. No, I've never really owned a cat. Had lots of strays at the house I grew up at.
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Hootin' Anni said...

I think if that happened with the plane I was aboard, I'd never fly again. Whoa.

Here is MY Thursday Thunks. Do stop by for a visit if you can find time. Hope your day is super.

I am Harriet said...

You should patent the idea.
Don't even get me started on kids picking up words...

Have a great day!

Ria said...

love your thunks

Melissa Mashburn said...

I chuckled at your being caught nekkid answer. That was funny.