Saturday, June 26, 2010

Interesting Purse Contents

So, yesterday at work, our security officer noticed a dildo in two different ladies' purses as they went through the x-ray machine. This became the talk of the day. Do a lot of women really carry dildos target="_blank" in their purses? Nothing would surprise me most of the time. After all, we've also had guys come in and empty their pockets to go through security...tossing their drugs and/or drug pipes right in the basket.

So, do any of you, my readers have interesting security stories? Maybe airport security or anywhere else. Do you carry dildos or other extremely different things in your purses? Do you travel a lot through airports and have seen other people get caught with a strange item in their bags? I'm interested to see if I just hear these stories because I work in a tightly secured building. Please share in the comments below!!
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Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

No, I don't generally carry a dildo around in my purse unless I have special plans ;) I have enough of them that I should probably start! heh

Isn't it possible that they were something else? How do you know for sure they were dildos?

Elle said...

I don't usually carry a dildo in my purse either. I HAVE carried handcuffs and a vibrator (if I remember correctly) in a backpack as I was going to my BF's, and I kept thinking how no one around me knew how naughty I was ;)