Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I've Been Up To

This past weekend was quite the whirlwind tour. We left Thursday morning about 5am, headed for Wichita. Well, actually, Thursday, we were just headed to Kansas City. We were starting a trip to be a part of my brother's wedding.

About 12 hours after leaving, we arrived at our hotel in Overland Park, Kansas. We stayed at a Holiday Inn and Suites. Once we checked in and got everything unloaded, we headed out to get some Kansas City BBQ. I figured if I was going to stay there, I had to try their version of BBQ. We headed to Zarda BBQ because it was just down the road from the hotel and I was tired of driving. Their BBQ was pretty good, although I'm more of a Memphis BBQ fan.

Friday, we headed on to Wichita, meeting up with my brother and his fiance and many of their friends at his apartment around lunch time. We hung out until we could check into our hotel there. We checked in at a Studio Plus Extended Stay hotel. It was an ok hotel, but it smelled like smoke everywhere and there was no pool or hot tub. We relaxed for a bit and then headed off for the wedding rehearsal. I got to be one of the groomsmen and really enjoyed being a part of my brother's wedding.

The rehearsal dinner was at P.F. Chang's! This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. They brought out choices of soup and then appetizers. Mmmm...gotta love their lettuce wraps and Hot and Sour Soup! Then they brought out rice and several different entrees. It was all so good. Lastly, they brought out a chocolate cake thing with raspberry sauce and berries. It was almost like a giant truffle. Wow, what an amazing meal!

Saturday was an early start with pictures and stuff starting at 9am. I will admit that the picture time was a lot of fun though, especially since we were at a beautiful park! We hurried back to the church for a few more pictures and to prepare for the 12pm wedding. The wedding was beautiful and went off very smoothly! We headed to the church basement for a reception. After eating and cutting the cake, we walked out with them as they prepared to head out for their honeymoon.

As soon as they had left, we got in the car and headed out for Kansas City. We stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn thanks to my FIL. This was an amazing hotel in my opinion. The lobby was beautiful, the staff was friendly and helpful, the room was clean and large. Of course there was a pool and hot tub!!! We used the pool and hot tub as soon as we had unloaded everything. My son just loves the water. I'm so glad he's doesn't have a fear of water in the way I do. Once we were done in the pool, we headed out for dinner at On The Border. We had never eaten here, but my wife loves Mexican food, so I knew she'd like it. She did...and so did I actually. I ended up having Mahi Mahi Tacos. Wow, they were so good!

Sunday, we headed out for the remaining 9 hour drive home. We got home around 8:30pm and unloaded. I immediately plopped down in my recliner and began to fall asleep. I checked email and blog stuff and then headed to bed. I feel like I still haven't completely caught up on rest, but I'm getting there. I figure we had close to 29 hours of driving in 4 days, so I should be tired!
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