Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 09 →? Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

This is an easy one for me! I have a friend that I just couldn't let go of growing up and eventually was reunited with her.

I was in 4-H from 3rd grade through the end of high school. One year at a 4-H conference, I met a girl that I instantly became great friends with. That bonding went a bit further when she was injured while we were ice skating. She took a trip to the hospital and later, we reconnected and were able to talk more.

After the conference, I wrote many letters to her, but never heard back. After a few months, I kind of gave up. I'd write a letter about once a year and never heard back. I still kept trying to reconnect. I would use the Internet to search in any way I could. Eventually, it came down to finding an obituary through a Google search for her. Her grandpa had passed away and her name was listed in the obituary. The pastor that did the funeral and the church it was at was in the obituary too. I emailed the pastor and he forwarded my email on to her.

She quickly contacted me back and we started writing often. Our families have gotten together several times since then. It's been so great keeping in contact more! Our families get along very well and we both have young kids...although her's are younger than our son. Some day, I can see our kids playing together when we get together. It's so great to be back in contact with a great friend that I once thought I would never hear from again!
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