Sunday, August 22, 2010

I did it!

I've been getting back into riding my bike recently. I hadn't really rode much since junior high and high school. In fact, I still had the bike I had back in junior high. This year, I decided I'd really like to start riding again. I bought a new bike and a trailer thing to pull my son behind me. I've been working up to being able to ride longer distances. I started with 6, worked up to 8, then got to about 9. I thought this was about as much as I was ready for.

I heard about a bike ride going on near our house that was a fundraiser for a local youth center. I registered even though the shortest route was 20 miles. All week, I had been dreading it, thinking I'd never be able to finish. The ride was yesterday. I started off riding the first half at my average speed of 12 miles per hour. I stopped for a snack and bathroom break. It started sprinkling which makes riding bike a little less fun. I headed out from the half way point, knowing I hadn't really reached 10 miles, so I followed some different arrows marked on the road. After going about 5 miles out that route, I realized I had gotten on the 50 mile route. I quickly turned around and headed back, knowing where the path should be.

The return ride wasn't bad until I started hitting some steeper hills toward the end. There was one place where a bridge went over a road. I got about half way up and my legs gave out. I got off and walked to the top of the bridge, where I got back on and completed the ride. Because of my getting off route, I actually completed 26 miles. I was very proud to have completed this! Now, I need to keep it up and see how much I can work up to. I'd love to be able to do one of the 50 mile routes next year!
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