Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dentek Complete Clean Angled Floss Picks Review

It's been a little while since I've posted on here. We're in the middle of laying wood flooring in our living and dining rooms. Needless to say, I've only spent about 15 minutes a night catching up on email. I've got several product reviews to get up, so hopefully I can get them all this weekend!

First, I'd like to share DenTek’s Complete Clean Angled Floss Picks. If you are like me, your dentist always tells you how important flossing is, but you rarely take the time to floss regularly. For me, it's a hassle to use floss for a few reasons. First, I always seem to cut the circulation off to my finger tips when flossing with regular floss. Second, with my screwed up teeth, the floss usually shreds before I get one side of my mouth flossed.

Dentek offered to send me their Complete Clean Angled Floss Picks for a review and I thought that if it was as good as described, I might start flossing more regularly. Mind you, I've tried a few different kinds of floss picks and have never been happy with them. With my teeth, the floss on the pick usually tears right out of the pick, doing little to clean my teeth. Now, the Dentek Floss Picks did not do this. In fact, I've used them about 10 times and have yet to have one come apart or shred on me. They hold together very well, even with the tight spaces between my teeth. I find myself watching TV and flossing because I don't really need a mirror like I do with regular floss.

I'd highly recommend these to anyone that struggles with flossing. Maybe you have the same problems I've had in the past, or maybe you have completely different problems with flossing. I'd highly suggest you give these a try! At $2.99, it's worth a try to get your mouth healthier, right? If flossing really is as important as the dentists are saying, this little bag of floss picks could save you a lot of money on tooth repairs in the future!
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