Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Plans

Halloween is fast approaching already. It's hard to believe I celebrated my 31st birthday last week and now we're on the fast track to Halloween and many other holidays that occur toward the end of each year. It's just another reminder that another year is slipping by, leaving me wondering where the time went. Does anyone else feel like life has become so fast paced and busy that we lose all track of time?

My family doesn't really get into the "fear-factor" or "spiritual" part of Halloween. See, there's a really dark side to Halloween that I'd kind of like to shelter my son from until he's old enough to really understand it. For the past two years, my son has worn the same costume, dressing up as a king/knight. We take him to the local mall and parade around to each of the stores getting candy. It just seems safer to visit the mall than to parade around the streets like when I was a kid. What's it say to you when the local hospital offers free x-rays of candy bags after trick-or-treat?

When I was a kid, we used to visit the tiny little town my Grandma lived in for trick-or-treat. It was great because either everyone went to our church or was well known by our family. Back then, I guess it was easier to trust people. I remember this one house that used to have a huge bowl of pennies. The guy there would always make us take as big of a handful as we could grasp in our tiny hands. It was great, coming back to Grandma's and sorting through our candy and trading things we didn't like for things we loved. Thankfully, my brother and sister usually had different likes as far as candy goes.

This year, our church is trying something new. They're calling it trunk-or-treat. I've heard of other churches doing this before. Basically, adults from the church load their trunks up with candy and the children can go around getting candy in a safer environment. Sure, there's still the potential for problems, but it's safer than visiting houses of people you don't know at all. Most of the people there are dear friends that we've known for a long time and trust. My son has a Snoopy costume for this year. My wife will take him around for candy and I'll man the candy in our "trunk". My wife's car is a wagon with a hatch back, so it's not really a trunk, but it'll work! My son loves seeing all the other kids' costumes and of course all the candy.

Also, this year, my wife has been making pumpkin hats for all the little ones we know. They're actually really cute hats. She loves doing all the decorating and crafty stuff around the holidays. I enjoy seeing it all, but making it and decorating isn't usually my strong point. My wife's family already had a Halloween party thing for the kids. They had games, hayrides, and lots of food. I love bonfires this time of year!

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Libby's Library said...

Your wife should sell those hats, they are soooooooooo cute!