Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday, everyone! It's so nice to just sit back and relax today. I have no plans besides maybe trying to get the last of the leaves out of the gutters. It seems really strange. There's no football to watch and nowhere to go today. It's looking like we will get some wild weather this weekend, though. Today, they are forecasting 39 degrees and rain. Overnight and tomorrow (and maybe Monday too), they are calling for snow and cold. Of course, this is like any weather system. Depending on which forecast you watch, we could get anywhere from no snow to several inches. At least we, in Ohio, won't be getting the worst of it, which is headed north.

I'm ready for the snow, though. I bought a snow blower last year about half way through winter because my lungs can't take the shoveling in the cold. I got to use it twice. I like it because it's less exhausting and I can clean the neighbors' drives too. I'm like most men, I have the "power tool" and want to use it! Yesterday, we had about one inch of snow on the driveway (all melted now) and I decided I couldn't justify running the snow blower for that.

I've completed my Christmas shopping! I can't say too much because my wife reads my blog, but I think she will love the gifts I chose this year! I always try to be unique in the gifts I get her. She always just wants practical things for her. I think this year, I was able to do unique and practical pretty well. We'll see what she thinks. I took our 4 year old son shopping last night because he wanted to get her something too. He picked out a gift that was within budget and we bought it and stuck it in her stocking.

This has been an interesting year too. In January, 2009, my boss was forced to resign. That left me in charge and it was decided we really didn't need two computer people. After a year of doing it by myself, I decided I really needed someone to back me up when I'm not at work (vacation, sick, etc.). I knew my only option was to choose a coworker that could take on additional duties when needed. I also needed someone who could learn quickly and retain that knowledge. I decided on one lady in particular and she turned out to be a perfect fit. She's been a great help all year! The bad part is that our boss doesn't really recognize that and won't compensate her for her extra work. So, I decided I'd get her a gift card for Christmas to let her know I appreciate all her hard work!

Looking to 2011, I have two big trips scheduled that will take me out of work for an entire 3 weeks before summer even arrives. In March, I'll be going on another missions trip to Africa. I'm in the process of raising funds for this trip and we should be purchasing plane tickets in the next month. Also, my in-laws have rented a house in the Outer Banks in May/June. That will be a fun, relaxing vacation! I look forward to doing some surf fishing and some fresh seafood eating!
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