Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have you broken any bones? If so, how?

I broke both bones in my left wrist. We always went to Grandma's on Wednesday nights while mom went to choir practice at church. I decided to take a bunch of my toy tractors in a box to play with. When we got home, I started carrying them up the steps to our front door and slipped on ice. I hit the edge of the first step and the heavy box of tractors came down on top of my wrist. Snapped both bones all the way through. The biggest thing I remember is the x-ray tech trying to turn my arm over by holding my hand and turning...doesn't work very well and is very painful when the wrist is snapped all the way through!

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M said...

I broke my arm when I was 4! Trying to ride my bike without training wheels. I ended up braking it in 3 different places. Had a cast that covered part of my hand all the way up to 2 inches above my elbow!

Diane said...

I never broke a bone but I bit through my lip in pre-k. My parents were out and my grandma was watching me but she had the flu so she went to bed and left my uncle who still lived at home to watch me. I was rocking back and fort on a foot stool and he kept yelling at me to stop or I would get hurt. So i stopped, waited for him to go to the bathroom and started rocking. Except I rocked so hard I fell foward and split my whole bottom lip open. I screamed and I remember them calling my parents wherever they were to get home ASAP. Then I remember the nurse in the ER telling my mom to just get me a can of soda if I was that thirsty and my mom saying how could I drink out of a can if my lip was hanging off? Then I remember laying on a table and my parents were each holding my hand and then cop came in and made my parents leave the room. As I waas being stitched up the cops and doctors asked me a MILLION questions. At first I refused beccause I honestly thought I was going to jail for not listening to my uncle. Then I told them the whole truth. Luckily a family friend who was a cop happened to recognize my parents who were also being questioned and got everything cleared up. They thought my parents had beat me up! I didn't know until I was an adult how close I almost came to getting my parents arrested. I guess When the cops were asking me what happened I kept saying Im not telling I don't want to get in trouble - so they thought that meant my parents threatned me or something.