Friday, May 6, 2011

Sleepwalking Child and Busy May

Do you ever sleep-walk, sleep-talk, sleep-laugh? Have you ever experienced someone who does one of these or something else while they are sleeping?

A couple weeks ago, my wife told me that my son had gotten up the night before and stumbled out of his room. She said something to him and he just mumbled at her. Then, he walked in the bathroom and peed on the cabinet, zipped up his pajamas and stumbled back to bed. Then, a few nights later, he stayed at my in-laws' house and they found a puddle in the bathtub the next morning.

Although this is the first we've noticed him doing this, it is common in our family to do odd things in our sleep. I, once, tried to remove one of my wife's "lady lumps" by pulling on it (Lady Lumps is a small reference to "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas). My wife, once, pressed a pillow over my face during the night (she claims she was asleep and I don't think I deserved it). My wife is also known for the great conversations she has in her sleep, along with long periods of laughing in her sleep.

I was talking to another bloggy friend and brought up my son sleep-walking and said I'd have to share about it on here, so there it is...and more information you probably didn't want to know.

This month is a very busy one for me. May is a month of several meetings, conferences, and our annual audit at work. This month also brought along some software updates that have to be done after-hours, so that means additional work as well. We're also keeping busy with my son's YMCA soccer games and preparing for vacation. I am going to be so ready to spend some time on the beach, fishing, and eating some great seafood!

We're also still sitting here waiting for Ohio to dry out. While we aren't experiencing the flooding here that many in the mid-west are experiencing, it's still very wet. I mowed more of the back yard tonight, only to get the mower stuck twice in the mud. We've got peas starting to pop through in the garden. The onions and garlic are still looking really good. Our rhubarb is looking really good this year. Otherwise, we have parsnips, lettuce, cauliflower, and potatoes that still haven't made it through the top of the soil.
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