Friday, May 20, 2011

World’s Greatest TV Dad

In honor of Father's everywhere and Father's Day, is holding a World's Greatest TV Dad contest on their web site. If you are like me, there are certain TV dads that you really liked for one reason or another. It may have been the way they supported their children and family. Maybe you respected the values of a particular TV Dad. Thirty-two TV dads have been chosen in this contest! Head on over and vote for your favorites!

Of the thirty-two dads included in the contest, I think Charles Ingalls is probably the dad I most connect with. Mr. Ingalls has many of the traits I envied in my own father and that I try to have as a father. First and foremost, Mr. Ingalls was a Christian and made sure to raise his children to share his Christian faith. A second trait I admired was Mr. Ingalls extremely strong work ethic. He did just about anything it took to support and provide for his family! Mr. Ingalls was a real encourager to his children. I think this goes a long way in raising his children to value education, hard work, and communication skills.

My dad was great in supporting our family and instilling Christian values on us. There is one thing I try very hard to avoid that my father didn't. My father was a workaholic. Growing up, my dad was in college as long as I can remember. On top of that, he was also worked at a factory, farmed, and led the youth group at our church. It really felt like he was hardly there for us growing up. Although there are often other things I'd rather be doing, I try really hard to be there for my family as much as is possible! I enjoy my son's soccer games and going fishing with him. Spending time with my family is far more important than working overtime or working multiple jobs. is a great place to find articles about family, children, home, vacation, fitness, relationships, and much more related to being "Man Of The House". It's a great resource for any dad! Glancing through all the articles, I can tell that many of them could help me grow to be a stronger dad and husband! Be sure to explore the many articles and topics when you go over and vote for the World's Greatest TV Dad!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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