Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Luck At All

I bought a new clothesline post to give the one that was in our yard when we bought the house 10 years ago a mate. We dug the hole and cemented in the post Sunday night. Tonight, I decided it was time to put line on the posts so they can be used. The old post only had one hook that could be used, so I ran 25 feet of line there. I had to cut out two old bolts that were not usable. I used up about half of my cutting discs for my rotary tool trying to cut those off.

The next step was to drill holes for the additional two bolts to match up with the new post. The first hole I tried to drill snapped my 5/16" drill bit in half. Guess it is time for some new drill bits. I was able to put new hooks in the existing holes, so there are now three lines available for drying clothes. Of course, that's assuming I tied the string tight enough. I didn't know how tight to tie it because I read that it has to have some slack.

Hopefully, the line will work well and I'll be able to get a new drill bit to finish this project off.
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Sarah - PS Mom Reviews said...

I'm so happy to have a new clothes line that I can actually use. I'm hoping for no rain tomorrow to give it a test run! :D Thanks for your hard work, sweetie!

Laura said...

Thank you for linking up for Footloose and Fancy Free:) Have a great holiday weekend!


Turning the Clock Back said...

I am a new follower...found you on BFPR! Have a great weekend!