Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer and More

Does it seem that the seasons just fly by any more? It feels like we are moving at such a fast and busy pace that we completely miss the seasons and months flying by.

The last week of May, my in-laws rented a house Nags Head, NC right on the beach. We had a great time and I had way more than my fair share of crab legs. I had 6 clusters of crab legs at Captain George's, along with a lot of other seafood. Hey, it was a buffet! Later in the week, I had King Crab legs at Dirty Dick's! I prefer King Crab, but all crab is awesome! Actually, I gained 4 pounds over that week.

Since then, we've jumped right in to my son's t-ball practices. He's had 3 and another tonight. I think he's really enjoying this way better than he did soccer! Of course, he had no idea what he was doing at first, so he ran from home, straight through the pitchers mound, to second base. He's doing much better and is learning a lot from the coach and assistants.

This past weekend, we went to hear from missionaries that were in the U.S. from where I have been in Africa. It was so awesome to hear from them and see them again, even if it had only been a few months. I feel such a strong bond with them all. We had a birthday party for my nephew on Saturday and I had to talk about my missions trip on Sunday. Wow, that weekend flew by. My son even told us at one point he's tired of being in the car. Mind you all this was after 14 hours to NC and 14 hours back home the weekend before.

My garden is looking ok, considering the high amount of rain we had earlier in the spring. Some stuff didn't come up at all, though. I do have onions and garlic that are looking pretty awesome! We got a fairly good sized bowl of strawberries already and my wife and son went with friends to pick more at a u-pick farm. I'm waiting on my peas to be ready to harvest. Also in our garden, and looking pretty decent, are tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers, fenugreek, cauliflour, brussel sprouts, and a few other things.

I'm starting to try to plan a getaway with my wife for our 11th anniversary next month. We have been paying off debt like crazy since fall, 2006 and weren't able to do much for our 10th. Last month, we paid off her student loan and decided to take a little break on our remaining debt, my student loan. So, we have money to spend and I'm looking for something not too far from home that her and I could get away for a night or two. There's not a lot to do in Northwest Ohio, but I'm finding a few things here and there. We might actually end up going toward Shipshewana in Indiana.

Does this all sound familiar? I'm sure we all feel pulled in a million different directions these days. I think it's just the way society is now. I hope that some weekend, I can take the time to slow down and go camping with my son this summer! He's been asking to do this for quite a while now and it has never worked out.
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