Monday, June 27, 2011

What a busy weekend!

Wow, this weekend flew by with many things to do! Saturday, I started my morning with Les Mills Body Pump at the YMCA. Once again, the class kicked my butt! As soon as I got home, we loaded up the truck to go to a friend's wedding. I do not like attending weddings...they're just boring for me. We headed to the reception, but the wedding party didn't arrive for almost 2 hours, so we left before it was time to eat. We stopped and got Chinese take-out! I love Chinese!

Sunday, we decided since we were away from home, it'd be nice to just relax. I got up and checked on the server backup at work that had failed twice already this weekend. It was running great this time! I headed out to the pond to do some fishing. After a couple hours, I wasn't catching anything. I finally caught a mini Bluegill. I stuck the Bluegill on a larger hook and cast it out. Almost immediately, I hooked a 21 inch large mouth bass!

In the afternoon, we headed out to a friends house to pick up two dressers we purchased from them. After getting them loaded in the truck, we headed home...finally. Of course when we got home, we had to get our bedroom cleaned up to move in the new dresser for me. After about a half hour of cleaning, we got my dresser moved in and my son's dresser to the hallway. I had backed the lawn mower out to gain access to the garage, so I went ahead and mowed the yard. Then, I used the post hole digger my father-in-law loaned me to dig a 2 foot deep hole for a new clothes line post. We had to go to Menards to pick up a couple more bags of concrete for the hole. We filled the hole with concrete and set the post. Then, we went back in and finished boxing up stuff in our bedroom for a garage sale. We have a huge box of old Christian music CDs. We just don't use CDs anymore.

So, that's my busy weekend! Nice to be back to work to relax just a bit.
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