Saturday, June 18, 2011

Working Out - Les Mills Body Pump

Last fall and through the winter, I was taking a Les Mills Body Pump class at the local YMCA. When I went on my missions trip, I wasn't able to take the class. Then, when I got back, I had a lot of back pain from laying around in airports. 2 months later, I decided it was time to get back to the YMCA and figured a motivating factor for me would be paying for a class.

I went back to start working out on Monday and my Fitlinxx account was disabled. Fitlinxx is a computer system that allows users to track their workouts. I had to ask the trainer to reactivate my account because I hadn't been there for over two months. How embarrassing! So, I worked out Monday and then did the Nautilus circuit on Thursday.

Today was my first class. When I arrived, there was no one in the studio, so I sat and waited. When the instructor arrived, she looked at me and said, "Hi, stranger." Again, how embarrassing! Even the instructor realized I hadn't been there for a while. She told me it shouldn't be too bad coming back, but that I'd be able to be back to my normal barbell weight within a couple classes. Today was a full body killer workout! It was very good for me, though! I'm really glad to be back. Although I'm sore and will probably be more sore tomorrow, it feels good to work out!
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