Thursday, July 14, 2011


Triberr is a great way to share your blog posts with more people on Twitter. My basic description of Triberr is that your posts are tweeted out by other people in your tribe. I really like this especially for my giveaways because it gets them out to more people, expanding my audience! Currently, my posts get tweeted out to over 16,000 people on Twitter.

If you are a giveaway blogger and haven't joined Triberr yet, let me know in a comment below because I'm trying to start up a new tribe for bloggers that do giveaways! I can send you a direct message invitation on Twitter or an email, so let me know how to send an invite! The more tribe members we have, the more people our posts get to!
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Hollowsins said...

send me one via email please
hollow_sins(at)yahoo dot com

Hey Jen said...

I like Triberr for the most part. There are still hiccups that need to be worked out though.

BTW, new follower from Chic n Savvy Reviews blog hop. :)