Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poison Ivy and Weekend Plans

Well, I've got the worst case of poison ivy (or poison something) I've ever had. I've got the blistery rash pretty much on every part of my body. I went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed a steroid cream and steroid pills. He told me not to take the pills unless it persists for 2-3 more days or continues to spread. This morning I woke up with the rash spread to my right thigh. The spots of rash are so itchy that my whole body itches. Needless to stay, I started the pills this morning. I couldn't stand it any more. Hopefully this works!

This weekend (Friday and Saturday), my wife is going away to a women's conference in Indianapolis, so my son and I are on our own. I'm thinking Friday night, we might do a bonfire and cook hotdogs and smores. Saturday, I'll take him to the Y with me so I can be there for my Body Pump class. Then, we're going to get breakfast...something him and I love to do! If the weather stays nice and we have time, we'll make the three hour drive to The Wilds. This is a large open habitat for wild and endangered animals. They load everyone up in tour vehicles and drive you around to see the animals. I have tickets I got at a charity auction last year and they have to be used soon. After that, it's hard telling what we may end up doing. We'll probably get supper somewhere near Columbus. Here's to what will hopefully be a fun guys weekend!
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Pink Dandy Chatter said...

Yikes...that sounds horrible! I hope you heal soon and that the itchiness gets much better