Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Wow, it's Labor Day weekend already. Summer sure came and went in a hurry this year! It seems like we've been nothing but busy all summer. I guess that's what happens when your 5 year old son is involved in sports and is preparing for Kindergarten. He headed off to his first full day of Kindergarten today. Somehow, it seems like it was just yesterday that he was born and spent a week in the special care nursery. Now, we're sending him off to school.

I don't know about you, but for me, Labor Day Weekend means fall is here. I'm so ready for cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and hopefully some hiking in the woods! Fall is probably my favorite season for those reasons! My wife and I got engaged in the fall while out on a hiking adventure. This fall, I'm just hoping a few of my vegetables that have been slow producers this year will leave me something fresh to eat before it frosts!

Our Labor Day weekend filled up more than I'd prefer, but sometimes, that's the way it works. Saturday evening, we are going to a shrimp boil at my in-laws house. They do shrimp, lobster tails, sausage, and crawfish, along with some vegetables. It's really good food! Sunday, they have a family cookout too, so we'll be spending our weekend eating. I don't mind eating, just ask my wife!

Going into this weekend, I'm excited because the paycheck I receive next week will be a little bigger. I received a 5% raise starting with this pay period. I don't usually talk much about my pay, but it feels really good to be appreciated for the work I do. On the note of finances, we've paid of 77% of the debt we started with in October, 2006. We took a couple months off this summer from paying off debt. We had a few projects we needed to use the money toward. Starting in September, we're starting to make extra payments on my student loans. My goal is to pay off my student loans before next summer. It'll be difficult because we'll be really tightening down our budget and we'll have to stick to it. Once my student loans are paid off, I'd like to pay off our equity line of credit and start saving for a house out in the country. City living just isn't for me.

I'm still battling what I think is poison ivy. I took 12 days of prednisone from the doctor and it cleared up, but once I came off the pills, the rash/blisters came back in other places. My wife went to the local natural health store yesterday and they suggested a deodorant spray that is mostly just a mineral oil spray of some sort. They said it would stop the itch and clear up almost any kind of rash. It has helped with the itch a little, but the rash isn't clearing up yet. It's only been one day. Hopefully, it'll clear up soon! I hate it! I did get some special weed killer from a coworker and applied that where I knew there was poison ivy on our property.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
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