Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brother P-Touch Garage Organization

Back in August, I wrote about the Brother P-Touch PT-1290 electronic labeling system and the durability of the labels.  As part of this campaign, I was to organize my garage using the labels and write again about how they held up.

Let me start by saying my garage was the ultimate mess!  It seems that during the winter, we tend to store things in the garage and then never get around to sorting through them and cleaning up.  Add to that home improvement project supplies, tools everywhere, and fasteners of every kind spread throughout the garage.  I was unable to get to the main garage door and could barely get to the freezer.

So, fast forward to organizing with the P-Touch labeling system.  I purchased some wall hanging organization units.  This consisted of a rail and hooks and shelves.  I installed the rails and mounted a shelf and two hooks to hang ladders that had been leaning against walls or laying on the floor.

On the shelf, I place my big toolbox that used to belong to my wife's Grandpa.  Now, you would assume that all my tools would be in the toolbox, right?  Well, as I cleaned the garage, I found tools all over the place.  I labeled the drawers as to what tools were in them and started placing the scattered tools where they belong.

Next on the shelf, I placed a drawer organizer for fasteners and labeled the drawers as to what size/type fasteners were in them.  This is a huge bonus because, again, I had fasteners in multiple places in the garage. Some of them were just mixed into a big box of fasteners.  I didn't even know what I had.  Now, I can go straight for the fastener I need for any job. I used the labels a couple other ways too.  I labeled my shelving unit that houses all of my chemicals (garden, pesticide, car, cleaners, etc.).  I also labeled my gas cans (regular and two-cycle).

Having had some of these labels in place for several months in the garage, I must say I'm very pleased with how well they hold up.  None of the labels have peeled away from where I placed them.  Even on the gas can handles that are used a lot, I saw no sign of the label falling off.  Because of this, I plan to label my big sprayers (weed killer, all vegetation killer, etc.) this summer when I start using them.

I'm beginning to think of ways we can use these throughout the house too.  My wife does a lot of crafts, including crochet, knitting, a little scrapbooking, and much more.   These labels could really help her organize all her craft supplies.  My son has many of his toys in plastic boxes.  The labels could be used to label those boxes as well.

Additional features I didn't use in the garage include the 15 Deco Patterns included on the labeler and 7 Stylish Frames for your text.  This labeler also allows you to choose the font and size of your text, which came in very handy with some of the fastener drawers that had a tiny handle on them.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product and gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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