Monday, May 21, 2012


Back in April, I finally got to buy my road bicycle.  First, I never thought I'd ride something with wheels this narrow, but I've found it's really not much different than any other bike I've ridden.  It did take a bit of getting used to as far as steering and the hard seat and all.  In may, I took it in for a tune-up and they were able to tighten up my rear brakes a little which has helped immensely!

Giant Defy 3

I've been a little disappointed at my average speed still being around 12 MPH.  That's the same as on my old "WalMart" bike.  Most of my riding has been commuting to work and back, which actually is great for relieving the stress of the day.  This also saves on fill-ups in my truck, which is GREAT!  Saturday, I decided to go out for a ride and suggested my wife and son meet me at an A&W restaurant near us for lunch.  I took off thinking it'd take about an hour and twenty minutes at my average speed.  I surprised myself, riding just over 17 MPH average over a 15 mile ride.  Needless to say, I beat them to the restaurant by about 20 minutes.  I guess a little motivation (A&W) is a great thing to push yourself!

I'm really enjoying getting out and riding!  I'm hoping I can keep getting out and riding throughout the summer.  I really need to learn to get myself well hydrated before leaving and get some great energy filled snacks to take with me to keep me going!  I doubt I'll work up to it this year, but I've always wanted to ride the Little Miami Trail in Southwestern Ohio.  I think it's about a 70 mile trail, so I still have a bit of work to make that ride!  My longest ride so far on this bike has been 18 miles, but I'm almost at the century mark.  I think I have less than 10 miles to go over the century mark in miles on this bike!
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