Sunday, August 12, 2012

We're Pregnant

6 and 1/2 years after our son was born, God has blessed us with another pregnancy!  My wife is pregnant with our second child to be born near the end of March, 2013.

I had a bit of a hard time accepting this, just because I had kind of accepted we wouldn't be having more children.  I think I've now fully accepted it and am really happy about this blessing!  Sure, it brings all kinds of challenges since we don't have a lot of baby stuff still around here, but we'll get there.  Thankfully, we paid off the last of our debt earlier this year, so we have a little extra money left in our monthly budgets to start purchasing the items we'll need.  Of course, I have no doubt God will provide just like He always has for our family!

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Gianna said...


Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Congrats on the new addition in your lives

Sarah PSMomReviews said...

Only 6 and 1/2 years, sweetie. Zachariah will be 7 just before this one is born. :D It's been fun to see you slowly come around. You're a great father, and I know you'll be a great one to this baby as well.

Steph @ The Silly Pearl said...

Congratulations! What a blessing!