Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bike the Cbus 2012

I've somehow came across a bicycle ride in Columbus, OH via Facebook over the past months and got a quite excited about the ride.  This year has been a lot of fun for me, locating rides around Ohio using the Internet.  I debated back and forth about riding Bike the Cbus for several reasons, foremost being having to drive all the way down there either very early Saturday or staying at a hotel the night before.  It turned out we were able to make a hotel work, financially and our hotel was just a mile and a half from the ride start point.  We ended up staying Friday and Saturday nights to just relax and enjoy time together as a family.

Friday night, we got into downtown Columbus a bit later than planned because of traffic (possibly because of it being opening college football season?).  We got some food and drinks at the hotel real quick and then headed over to the Lincoln Theatre to check-in for Bike the Cbus.  After some late night/early morning noisy hotel guests kept us up, 6:45am came way too early.  I got out of bed and got dressed for an early trip to the ride start.  A quick Drury Hotels hot breakfast before heading out helped to energize me a little.  The ride over on Columbus streets was easier than I expected.  In fact, the roads I navigated were almost all marked with bike symbols/lanes.

When I arrived at the Lincoln Theatre/starting point, there were already many riders ready to go.  I was excited to see free coffee, provided by Cafe Brioso for another energy boost before starting at 8am.  Rolling out right at 8am, I stuck with many of the first people out throughout most of the ride.  I really enjoyed learning a little from more advanced riders than myself about cycling and navigating city streets.  It was also a lot of fun to see parts of Columbus I've never seen before in my many visits for work.  Every once in a while, we'd pass a building I remembered from passing by it in the car some time in the past.

Some of my favorite parts of the ride were the bike path along the river, German Village (although brick roads and bicycles aren't a comfortable mix), Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar, and the many Columbus parks we passed.  Quite honestly, I noticed a lot of things in Columbus that I hope we can explore in the future!  It's so different traveling through Columbus on a bicycle at about 12-14MPH on a Saturday as compared to in a car, dodging traffic at 25MPH Monday through Friday!

Picture of a few of ending point of ride.  I didn't get any during the ride.

At the end of the ride, several food trucks and food vendors were there to serve the riders.  There was a wide range of choices providing something for everyone.  I also really liked that Pedal Instead was providing bicycle parking for free.  This was a secure way to park my bike without having to find something and some way to lock it up.  Also provided after the ride were free bottles of Honest Tea and free Snowville Creamery Chocolate Milk.  I love Honest Tea and I'll admit I went back for seconds of the chocolate milk!

Also provided was a large raffle for everyone that registered and rode Bike the Cbus.  I was lucky enough to win a $10 gift certificate to the Columbus North Market.  I was rather excited to win this because we really enjoyed the North Market the last time we were there.  I headed back to the hotel, showered, and we walked over to the North Market to use the gift certificate.  My wife and son both got pizza from Clever Crow Pizza and Sarefino's Pizzeria.  I purchased a green smoothie after trying a small sample.  Surprisingly to me, this was really good!  I also found a vendor who carried Snowville Creamery Chocolate Milk and purchased a half gallon (it was almost gone by bedtime).

This was a very fun trip to Columbus!  I really can't wait to head back down and explore some of the areas we rode through.  I especially can't wait for Bike the Cbus 2013!  
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kilax said...

This sounds like so much fun! I love that you are doing things like this! :) And love that they set it up. I would be so happy to ride in and see all those food trucks, lol.