Friday, May 31, 2013

Cycling for Ice Cream

I've kind of started a new habit when cycling.  The past two rides I've done, I have stopped half way for ice cream.  Last weekend, I had the whole weekend to myself, so I looked on for a route of around 40 miles starting near my home.  I had just found this site and was surprised by the number of routes logged on there.  I found a route that was about 39 miles, starting a couple miles from home, so I knew it'd be about a 43 mile ride.  The best part was that an ice cream stop was noted on the map.

I printed off a cue sheet and headed out.  One thing I hadn't paid attention to on the map was that it zig zagged back and forth across the interstate, meaning I climbed multiple overpasses.  Hey, it was good practice for the hills of the Buckeye Bridge Ride that I'm registered to ride on June 22.  I actually felt really good on this ride, although I did experience some cramping in the final 15 miles.  The nice part was that with the clipless pedals, I was able to pull up on the pedals instead of pushing, which used muscles I wasn't experiencing cramping in.

I'm not sure I'll be able to get out and ride this weekend as they are predicting heavy storms all weekend.  I really want to work up to a 60 mile ride soon to make sure I won't have any problem completing the 60+ mile route at the Buckeye Bridge Ride.  I rode the 48 mile route last year as my first ever organized distance ride.  With a wrong turn, it turned into 55, so I figure I should be able to complete the 68 (?) mile route without too much problem now that I'm in better shape.

One thing I've realized is that I may need a new pair of padded shorts and some more cycling jerseys since I'm scheduled to ride a 3 day ride in the Shipshewana, Indiana area in August.  Mostly because it's difficult to wash the shorts and get them completely dry overnight.  Secondly, because I feel like the padding in my current shorts is starting to lose its comfort.  I have around 650 miles on this pair of shorts.  I don't know how long they are supposed to last, but it sure feels, to my butt, like the pad is worn out.  The hardest part is deciding on what to buy.  My local bike shop only carries one type of shorts, but online, sites like Nashbar and Performance Bike have what seems like hundreds of choices.  I'd really like to find a shop that has several different types I could try on to be sure they'll fit and be comfortable.
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