Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bicycle Commuting

I've been slacking at posting on here.  I haven't been riding my bike much in the last couple weeks.  I have several excuses that may be valid or not.  My first reason is that I have been trying to let my right knee heal.  I have good days and bad days of sharp pains in my knee.  I haven't seen a doctor and haven't figured out anything that makes it better or worse.  My second reason is the weather.  It has either been heat indexes of 100+ or severe storms predicted.

This morning was beautiful.  It was sunny and upper 50's.  I really enjoyed being back on my bike, riding to and from work.  I could deal with weather like this every day!

I'm still planning to ride at Amishland and Lakes at the beginning of August and am looking really forward to vacation.  We'll be spending some time in Chicago too, so I know it's going to be a fun time!  I'm really curious about our hotel in Chicago, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.  For me, the most exciting part is going to be checking out new restaurants and foods while we are there.  Vacation is more about the food and time with my family for me.  Hopefully, work won't bother me too much this time.
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Teamarcia said...

I'm with you: this break in the heat is so nice! Hope your knee settles down and I hope you enjoy Chicago!