Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Failed Century

I think wind has become a common feature of my bicycle rides late in my riding season.  Yesterday, I headed out on the Tour De Putnam and the wind out of the Northwest was blowing about 11 MPH.  This affected us most of the first 40 miles.  Then we turned into it again around mile 55.  I think the wind changed direction because then from our 60 mile snack/lunch break, the wind seemed to be in my face.

I decided at the lunch break to only complete the 78 mile route.  Even this became a challenge because of the wind and because my right knee started hurting again.  It felt good to complete the 78 miles, but I was hurting pretty bad by the time I finished.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that the knee pain could be related to a saddle problem from 2 weeks ago.  When I arrived for the ride two weeks ago, my saddle was really loose.  I tightened it down so it wouldn't move, but didn't have a clue exactly where I had it positioned before.  About a year ago, I had adjusted the saddle either forward or backward to reduce knee pain.  I had realized I was slightly over-extending my knee.  So, I need to revisit my saddle position and maybe even consider getting a professional fitting since I wasn't fitted when I bought it and I've been riding for almost 2 years now.  I was rather excited to know I've completed over 1100 miles since April, 2012.

I'm still trying to figure out nutrition and hydration on my rides.  Yesterday was pretty cool outside, so I didn't drink a whole lot because I wasn't sweating like normal.  I also didn't eat a whole lot along the way.  I used my Nuun drink tablets in my water because they have a decent salt and electrolyte content and no sugar.  When I use this in one of my bottles, I don't seem to cramp up as bad.  I also started using Clif Shot Bloks which also add carbs, caffeine, and electrolytes.  I'm not sure if I noticed a difference when using these, but I'm going to keep trying them because I've heard great things.  I also just noticed they have a margarita flavored Shot Blok that contains three times the salt to help fight cramps.

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