Friday, September 6, 2013

Second Century

I'm scheduled to ride my second century ride this Sunday.  The Hancock Horizontal Hundred takes place Sunday morning and I'm attempting the whole distance.  As the name implies, it is supposed to be an almost completely flat ride and so far, the weather is supposed to be perfect.  I'm pretty excited about it as I haven't ridden much since my last century at the beginning of August.

I think my biggest challenge will come in getting up the energy to drive home after it is over.  The last ride, my wife met me at the finish and drove me back to the hotel.  Being a Sunday this time, I'll be driving up in the morning early to get checked in and then ride.  I'm setting a goal of finishing with 7 hours or less on the saddle.  That is a half hour less than my last century.  To be honest, I may have to take a nap before attempting the drive home.

Anyway, wish me luck as I attack another hundred miles this weekend.  It's nothing compared to many of the serious riders, but I've already put 509 miles on my bike this year.  That's about 50 miles more than all of last year.  This ride would put me over 600 for the year and then I'm scheduled to ride the Tour De Putnam at the end of September, which should put me over 700 miles.  I'm not sure how much more riding I'll be able to do after that as the weather will start getting colder.
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Teamarcia said...

All the best with another century! Enjoy it. I've never tracked mileage on my bike. My bad.