Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Too Cold To Think Of Biking?

I've set a couple goals for 2014.  One is to increase my mileage on my bicycle from 650 in 2013 to 800 in 2014.  The second is to complete at least two century rides, up from the one I completed last year.

Of course, with the temperature in Ohio being continuously so cold during winter, I'm not really wanting to think a lot about cycling, but I have to start thinking forward to what rides I want to complete.  There are a few that have become big time favorites of mine: Covered Bridge Ride (Eaton, Ohio), Amish Land and Lakes (Howe, Indiana), Tour De Putnam (Ottawa, Ohio), and the Rally Point River Ride (Lima, Ohio).  I'll most likely try to ride all of these.

I've recently (in the cold of winter) been thinking it would be fun to split the Ohio to Erie Trail in Ohio into several sections and ride the whole trail, a little at a time, throughout 2014.  I'd like to find several weekends that I could try to attempt this.  I've got a lot of vacation time to use, so I thought taking long weekends would be a good way to attempt this.  I've enjoyed reading the IGotABike blog as they have ridden the Ohio to Erie trail a few times and they have also created a map of the trail that can be purchased.  I recently bought the map and can't wait to try the trail out!

In order to be able to attempt all of this, I think it's time to have some maintenance done on my bike.  I, first, need to have a fitting done to make sure everything is set up right on my bike.  Then, I think it would be great to have an overall tuneup.  My handlebar tape is starting to rip and fall off, so I'm going to have it re-taped.  I'm not sure exactly what else should be done, but I trust my local bike shop to take good care of me and my bike!

Something I should probably concentrate on is finding some good snack foods to eat on my rides.  When I do organized rides, it's nice to have the pre-planned stops with fruit, drinks, cookies ,and more.  When I'm out on my own, I have to come up with my own snacks and I usually feel that they aren't as nutritious or energy filled as they could be.  The hardest part is trying to get a few snacks to carry in my jersey without being too bulky on the route.
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Teamarcia said...

Yeah this winter has been pretty miserable, especially in terms of biking. Good for you for setting you sights on a couple of centuries. I've actually been entertaining the thought of one....but we'll see how that fits in with NYCM training.