Saturday, February 22, 2014

Speed Stick GEAR

I recently received a free sample of Speed Stick's new GEAR antiperspirant / deodorant from influenster as part of a VoxBox campaign.  I'll admit that I was pretty skeptical of their 48 hour wetness protection claim.  I've tried a lot of antiperspirants over the years and have never found anything that really keeps me completely dry for very long.  See, I sweat very heavily no matter what activity I'm a part of.  I honestly can stand out in below 0 temperatures in the dead of winter and break a sweat.  The most embarrassing thing for me is that at work, I am always walking around with the pits of my shirts all wet.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the Drycore 48 hour protection of Speed Stick GEAR.  I've been using it regularly for almost two weeks.  I apply it in the morning about every two days and it truly keeps my armpits completely dry throughout those two days.  How have I put it to the test?  First, I wear it while working out at the gym, whether it be on the weight machines, the treadmill, or even the stair climber.  Second, I wear it at work.  Even in a long, hot car ride to a business meeting, I remained dry and so did my shirt!

I highly recommend Speed Stick GEAR to all those out there that are suffering from sweaty pits.  I really think this product will be your new favorite in the fight against wetness and odor.
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
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