Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bicycling, Fitness, and My Diet Progress

Wow, I've already biked 88 miles this year and it didn't really start to warm up until a couple weeks ago.  I've been commuting to work every chance I get, meaning when the weather cooperates.  That's an easy 7 miles each time I commute.  The only thing I miss when I bike to work is going to the gym.  I just can't bring myself to get up early enough to bike to the gym, workout, and then bike to work.  Right now, I'm hitting the weights at the gym on the days the weather won't cooperate.

As of April 14, I was down a total of 17 pounds with only about another 13 to go to my goal weight.  I'm at the point of needing smaller clothes, but now wanting to buy until I hit my goal.  I've been sticking pretty tightly to my 1200 calorie a day goal set by MyFitnessPal, including a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I do take a "cheat day" on occasion.  This week, that meant thick cut ribeye steaks from a local butcher shop.  They turned out great on the grill and tasted so good.

As far as organized bike rides, I don't have any plans until the end of June, but I'm always on the lookout.  I'm hoping that May will usher in some great weekends to go ride parts of the Ohio to Erie Trail.  I'm just trying to get as many miles in as I can so that I'm prepared for those longer organized rides I do later on in the summer and fall.  I enjoy rides between 25 and 40 miles the most for my "training" / stress-relieving rides.
Recently, I won an Exposed Seam Commuter Cuff on the Airplanes and Dragonflies blog.  I'd been looking for something like this for a long time.  I found out the hard way about a year ago that riding my bike with pants on was a quick way to ruin pants.  I was out riding with jeans on one day and the bottom of my pants would hit the chain every time my foot came around on the pedal.  Not only did I end up with a really bad chain stain on my jeans, but it also ripped up the bottom of the pants.  I knew immediately I could never wear pants to work on my bike.

I was wearing bike shorts and a jersey to work, changing when I got there and then again when it was time to ride home.  It took a lot of time I didn't really have to do all that changing of clothes.  Enter the Exposed Seam Commuter Cuff.  The Commuter Cuff goes on easily and holds the pant leg and shoe laces away from the chain, preventing stains, damage, and potentially preventing accidents when something gets caught in the chain.  Another great benefit is that these are made in the USA of a fabric produced in the USA.  You don't find many products these days that can make a statement like that.  I would highly recommend these to my commuting friends or those that just casually ride with pants on or with shoes with shoestrings.

Disclaimer: I won a Commuter Cuff on another blog and was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions are my own!
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Erica @ erica finds said...

You must have amazing willpower. 1200 calories for me would not cut it! I am short but luckily very active, too! This winter was tough for me. I need to think about cutting some calories here and there!