Monday, May 12, 2014

Bike to Work Day and Injury Update

Friday, May 9 was Bike to Work Day and Lima had an event downtown offering snacks, water, and bicycle safety checks, along with some raffle prizes.  I rode the 3.6 miles to work to support cycling in Allen County even though I'm not supposed to be pushing it too hard with my back.  It felt so good to be back on my bike and to be with quite a few other cyclists!

As far as my back injury, I have been seeing the chiropractor every other day for two weeks.  Wednesday, he changed it up and put me in traction to try to get things loosened up.  That night, I was miserable and wondering if he made it worse.  By Thursday morning, I was feeling pretty good.  I'm still a little sore, but I feel like I might be on the track to feeling 100% soon.  I'm sure hoping and praying that I'll be 100% soon because it is driving me nuts not being able to go out and push it hard on my bike.

I decided this year that I want to ride a little on vacation, so I rented a bike and can't wait to get out and ride.  We're going to be staying in Emerald Isle, NC and I'll be able to ride along the island.  I thought about taking my own bike, but didn't want the hassle of keeping it safe, both in transport, and from the harsh salty air of the coast.  I'm really curious to try another bike and see how it rides compared to my own.
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Lexiquin said...

I hope you make a speedy and complete recovery!

Teamarcia said...

I hope the traction helped! Biking on vacay sounds like fun. I've been back to biking only a few weeks this season but I'm loving it.

kilax said...

I am happy you got to participate in bike to work day and that you rented a bike for vacay! Hope your recovery continues!

Karina Rheaume said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karina Rheaume said...

I understand your concern as to why the treatment seem to have made your injury even more sore the night after you went to the chiropractor. However, it's good to know that you felt the results of the treatment the next day. In any case, how are you faring these days, Matt? I hope you've been well. Thanks for sharing that! Take care always! :)

Karina Rheaume @ US Health Works