Monday, May 26, 2014

Exploring Dublin Ohio By Bike

Last week, I had a three-day business conference in Dublin, Ohio.  The weather was forecast to be beautiful, so I took my bike along.  Thursday morning, I was able to get out for a short ride before breakfast.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dublin has installed bike paths all over.  I rode about 5 easy miles.  My left knee was sore, so I didn't push it too hard.  I noticed that it really helped to loosen up my knee by the time I got back to my hotel.  I saw the field of concrete corn on this short morning ride.

Thursday evening, after that day's meetings, I headed out to explore more of the elaborate bike path system.  I rode close to 17 miles, meandering along all the paths.  I really was impressed by the number of miles of trail and how well kept they were.  The only thing I would offer up is that they should put signs at intersections where the path switches sides of the road or turns.  Below are some of the sights along the paths that I really found to be unique.

Old Log Cabin

Three Dancing Rabbits Statue

When I got back to my hotel, I cleaned up and headed out for dinner.  I had seen 101 Beer Kitchen on Google Maps and just had to try it.  The menu was rather unique, including things like deviled eggs with Prosciutto and Capers, several unique pizzas and much more.  They also had quite a list of beers on tap.  I had beer, homemade tator tots with pork croutons, and a luau pizza.  It was all amazing!

I'm hoping to get an opportunity to explore more of the bike paths in Dublin because I know I just barely scratched the surface of the trails down there.

My Route

I've really enjoyed being back on my bike.  Sunday, I rode 21 miles and today, I completed 35 miles.  My back and legs are pretty sore from getting back on the bike, but it's been so enjoyable!  I think It may be time to get in to the bike shop for a bike fitting to make sure I have everything set up properly on my bike to prevent discomfort and injury.

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