Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Injury Update and Weight Loss

My back is still not feeling 100%, but it's considerably better than it has been.  I couldn't stand it any more, so I headed out on the Lima Rotary Walk for a bike ride Sunday.  I was going to take it easy and just see what my body was capable of.  It turned into a 22 mile ride at my usual 14-15 MPH pace.  It felt great to be out on my bike again.  Afterward, we had friends over for a barbecue.  It was such a great day.

After putting everything away, I walked in the house and realized how achy my back was.  I sat on the heating pad for about a half hour and was still feeling pretty achy and I had a migraine coming on.  I realized I hadn't had enough water that day, so I took some ibuprofen and drank a bunch of water before going to bed.  I felt pretty good the next morning, but by the end of the day was all achy again.  Today, I've made it through most of the day with some minor ache, but it's definitely strengthening back up a little.

As far as my diet, I'm down a total of 22 pounds since the beginning of February.  I'm at that point that I'm out of belt notches, my pants are close to two sizes two big (I think), and my dress shirts are a whole size too big.  I have about 8 more pounds to go, so I don't really want to buy a new wardrobe yet.  It's also great that random people I don't see very often are starting to notice my weight loss too.  Once the back pain is gone completely, I think I'm going to feel like an all new man!

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Teamarcia said...

Wow 22 lbs! That is awesome. Hope the back pain vanishes.