Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Cycling Goal Update

At the beginning of 2014, I set two goals for myself for my cycling.  I set a goal of riding 800 miles this year and a goal to complete two century rides.  I figured the 800 mile goal would be fairly easy to reach because I completed over 600 last year.  The century rides would be a bit more of a challenge for me.  Last year, I completed one century in August.  I attempted a couple more centuries, but the weather ended up impacting my ability to push through.  I had to cut those short.

I wanted to share an update of where I am at with my goal as of today.  As of today, I have not completed any century rides.  We'll see if I can squeeze one in this month, but the organized rides I am doing don't really offer a 100 mile option.  I could probably make a couple extra turns to get closer to a century.  Reaching 800 miles is looking really good.  So far, I have 331 miles in, 40% of my goal, and lots of time to ride before it gets cold here in Ohio.  By the end of June, I expect to easily be at or above 460 miles, which would be 57% of my goal.  If the chance of rain would go away, I could start commuting to work again too, which adds to my mileage.

How are you doing with any fitness or other goals you set for 2014?
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