Sunday, June 22, 2014

Limaland Tour - 65 Miles

Yesterday was the Limaland Tour.  I registered to ride the 65 mile route and completed it in record time.  I knew I was riding a pretty fast pace up until mile 55, where my body decided it might not want to finish.  I think what had happened is that I neglected eating enough along the route.  The last 10 miles were rather tough, but I still finished with an average speed of 16.7 miles per hour.  Last year, my average was right around 14 miles per hour, so I'm excited to see the increase in average speed this year.  I attribute part of that to my weight loss.

I really enjoyed the ride yesterday and even spent some time in lines of cyclists, which kept me at the higher pace.  The roads were pretty flat, which was nice, but now I have the very hilly ride next week.  The best part of yesterday was when I got home, and checked Endomondo and found out I had PR'd in several categories that Endomondo tracks.  That means I really was moving pretty fast.

This morning, my neck and knees hurt, but I'm feeling pretty good otherwise.  Next week, I think I have the opportunity to complete 89 miles on the Buckeye Bridge Ride.  That rides is about 1700 feet of climbing, so it'll be much more challenging than the 400 feet of climbing yesterday.  It will be very important that I monitor my time and mileage so that I can make sure I'm refueling often enough so that I don't crash at the end.  I'm still experimenting with different energy bars and gels for refueling my body on these longer rides.  It seems there are unlimited options available on the market, so I hope I'll find the one that works best for me soon.

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Fawn Nole said...

Wow! 65 miles then 89 miles?? That's amazing! I'm just getting into biking so I'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences.