Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Looking Back Over 2014

This past Sunday, I was able to get out and ride 18.6 miles, which put me over my latest cycling goal in 2014.  My initial goal this year was 800 miles.  This proved to be rather simple to get.  Once I hit that, I realized I was on track to hit another milestone.  I hit 1000 miles this fall and then noticed another milestone as I looked back over the past three years.  In 2012 and 2013 combined, I completed 1,110.74 miles.  I was really close to going over that, so I set forth to double my pre-2014 mileage.

This became a bit difficult when I cut my thumb on a chainsaw during my time off for Thanksgiving.  The ER told me it was a good chainsaw injury in that it only require 3 stitches and wasn't the loss of a body part or head trauma.  This actually kept me from getting out because of the pain when I'd try to grasp anything like handlebars...or my toothbrush.

This weekend, the temperatures reached the mid-40's and I knew I only needed 17.5 miles to go over my mileage for the past two years combined, so I headed out for a ride between church and the children's program at church that evening.  I was able to complete 18.6 miles, bringing my year total to 1,111.95 miles.  That's crazy to think I rode over 1,110 miles in a single year!  That included two 100 mile rides, with one of those being the same weekend as another ride that I participated in.  That weekend, I completed 164 miles between Saturday and Sunday.  I never thought I'd complete that kind of mileage in a single weekend!

I'm looking forward to more riding next year and am trying to decide what goals to set for myself.  I'm also starting to consider other gear I may need.  Below is a list of items I'm starting to think I may need:

  • Toe covers to help keep the cold off of my toes while riding in cooler weather.
  • Winter long legged bibs for warmth in cooler weather.
  • Long-fingered gloves.
  • Rear rack with pannier bags for longer rides or commuting to work.
  • Professional bike fitting to make sure I'm on the bike right.  My back and shoulders always bother me after a ride, so I think there may be some adjustments needed.
  • RoadID. I have a ID on my shoe that my wife got me, but I really like the design of the RoadID bracelets.
  • CO2 tire inflater.  Had to hand pump up a tire early this year and that was not fun along the side the road.
  • Faster bike?  Or is it that I need to pedal harder or faster?
  • Heart rate monitor bracelet (no chest strap!).
A few products I've come to love this year:

  • NUUN Energy
  • Rip Van Wafel
  • Honey Stinger Waffles
  • Gu Energy Gels (Vanilla and Root Beer)
  • Several different energy bars and protein bars
Well, I guess that's all I really wanted to share.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don't write again before 2015!
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