Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Planning for a Week Long Bicycle Ride

I'm super excited about riding this year.  My bike is currently in the shop for maintenance.  Apparently I've put a lot of wear on it.  They checked my chain and said it was really worn.  The tires are close to needing replaced, and the handlebar tape was starting to tear.  So, they are cleaning all the mechanical parts, replacing the chain, re-wrapping the handlebars, and possibly replacing my tubes and tires.  Wow.  My bike has around 2200 miles on it.  It's hard to believe I've ridden that much in 3 years.

I can't wait to push my body to do a 7 day bike ride called GOBA, Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure in June.  For one, I love seeing what I'm actually capable of.  Secondly, I hope to make some friends and meet new people.  I'm not a very outgoing person, so that might be a little bit of a challenge.  The other exciting part is that the route mostly goes through areas very close to home and where I grew up.

Planning for a week long bicycle ride is a lot more of a task than I expected.  I've realized there are a lot of things I'll need that I just don't have.  I need to also figure out what kinds of snacks I want to carry with me.  There are a lot of stops planned in small towns we'll be riding through, but I want to be sure I have things that I know fuel me well and that I like.  I also need to determine how much Nuun to pack!

Here's a list of things I think I need to get before I take off on this adventure later this year.  I'm hoping to do this at the least cost possible!

  • Battery pack for charging my cell phone in case power sources aren't available.
  • CO2 Pump and Cartridges (Been stuck trying to hand pump my bike once and don't want to do it again if I can help it.)
  • Seatpost rack and trunk bag to carry additional items on the bike with me.
  • New mirror (mine is really cloudy and is getting tough to see things in.)
  • Sun Screen (I burn really easily, so I'll need lots of this!)
  • Foldable sandals that I can pack away or stuff in a jersey pocket for stops where cleats aren't allowed.
  • Multi-tool with more tools on it. My current tool has come in handy, but has been proven to be missing some things before.
  • Spare tubes just in case.
  • Tent (Our tent is several years old, large, and some parts have fallen off. I'd love to get a tent just the right size to hold me and my bag.)
  • Sleeping Bag and Pad (Ours got eaten by the washing machine two years ago and we never replaced them.)
  • New cycling gloves (My cycling gloves are 3 years old and have been worn for most of my 2200 miles.)
  • Rain jacket or poncho in case of rain  (I bought one last year, but it doesn't breathe at all and I ended up miserable at the end of the ride.)
  • Chamois Cream of some sort.  I've only had to use it once before, but I'm sure over a week long ride, things will rub.
  • Camera (This is a wish item so I can take pictures with something other than my cell phone. I'm not real worried about this item.)
That's the list of items I have so far that I know I will need to buy.  I have a feeling there will be other items I'll need.  Even with all the preparation that is going to happen between now and the ride, I'm still excited for this new experience!  Anyone have any tips for me?
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